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Please click the link below to view instructions (.pdf) referenced in the title of this thread.

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Felipe Dominguez
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A suggestion for the JL Bumper installation
In Section 2, Step H
I would like to suggest a change to the instructions.  Some clarification that the 9/16" hole that needs to be expanded is NOT the hole with the factory nutsert in it.  The instructions say to drill out the frame hole to 9/16" and provide a picture (which I might add is kind of dark and hard to see - maybe paint the frame a lighter color or use more light to make it obvious for those of us who obviously lack reading comprehension)?

Also maybe add a small section about installing the stinger (I have the JL bumper 2402).  While how to fit the stinger to the bumper took a little thinking (not a big deal). I have no clue where the 2 longer bolts go or where the washers should be used (not enough washers for all of the bolts, so obviously some bolts dont get washers).

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Fog light mounts is designed for fog lights from Rubicon or Sahara with plastic bumper. If not equipped with this bumper option mounting plates from jeep 68298651AA qty2 will be needed. 
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I didn't quite understand the order some things needed to be done in, so I ended up assembling/disassembling the bumper a few times to figure it all out.  The issue was, my WARN winch was large (i.e. 12,000#) and didn't have a lot of wiggle-room.  

The instructions never indicated 'when' to bolt a winch in place and my winch was so long I only had one choice:  After the winch support plate was in-place/mounted.  As such, there was b-a-r-e-l-y enough room to tighten the four long mushroom-head allenbolts located 'between the frame rails' after all the pieces of the bumper were assembled and in-place.  The four long mushroom-head allenbolts located 'outside the frame rails' were easy to get to.

NOTE: Cutting the corners off (i.e. mentioned between steps 'I' and 'J' in the PDF instructions) of the flat frame bumper supports had me puzzled at first.  I just couldn't see why that was needed, however once I put the winch in place, then I realized that the WARN winch end-caps had (something like large) splines on them that hit/interfered if the areas denoted were not ground away.  So a Dremel Moto-Tool made that an easy task.

I finally managed to (sort of/at an angle) get an open-end wrench on the nuts and tighten the bolts down using a 5/16" Allen wrench.  

I also got the skid-plate that goes beneath the #2401 bumper and wasn't sure (due to lack of a picture in the instructions) how it was supposed to be positioned.  In reviewing other pics online, I figured out that the tabs (located at the top/ends of the skid-plate) go above the bumper cover plate so the order was: short mushroom-head allenbolt + bumper cover plate + bumper end-cap + skid-plate + locknut.(i.e. Front-to-Rear of vehicle)

One other issue:  The last picture on the last page of the instructions magically has the push-bar installed, but there is no mention about doing so.  The reason I mention this is, two of the shorter mushroom-head allenbolts had STAR lockwashers pre-installed on them.  Those two shorter mushroom-head allenbolts w/STAR lockwashers need to be mounted closer to the center of the vehicle, that hold up the push-bar.  Not sure what they interfere with, but w/o the STAR lockwashers installed the bolts will bottom-out a thread too early.

Lastly, Thanks to Felipe for causing me to pay close attention to exactly which 'Inside Frame Hole' to enlarge to 9/16" using a step drill bit.(i.e. Step 'H' in the PDF file)
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