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Please click the link below to view instructions (.pdf) referenced in the title of this thread.

Please assist us in our commitment to continuously improve our installation instructions. If you think information is missing, have advice to share with others, or have clearer pictures/illustrations please post them to this thread. All feedback is greatly appreciated!
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If you notice a post that has been deleted, we likely implemented the idea into our published instructions.
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Mark Grant
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Love the product! I have a 1994 YJ with a 4.0 L and 5-speed AX15 trans. Ford 8.8 rear and 2.5 L front Dana 30 with 4.10 gears. My flares are your 8” because I’m using wheel spacers. The flares dropped right on like Lego. Awesome. I painted the plate steel in body colour. And the tubing in black wrinkle finish to match my bumpers. This was all part of a project to search out some rust in the front end. So it took weeks to get done. I had to weld a giant washer in the frame tab for under the grille. Loads more, including a custom stainless steel skid plate on the oil pan. Note in the pictures, I used a marine plug for the open tube in the fender. I also put some led rock lights in the inner well and shock hoop. Perfect size! Went crazy with the inner fender wells with: 1. Alodine (aircraft aluminum treatment) 2. etching primer 3. Base coat metallic 4. Anodize-look blue topcoat 5. Cor-ban 27L aircraft corrosion preventative coating. Had a little trouble fitting the hood because I used TJ style SS hood catches. They’re more bulky. Tip: If you pull the fenders up and out in the front before bolting to the grille, you’ll get a little more clearance. I also used automotive seam sealer on mating surfaces before installing. It’s paintable, prevents corrosion and galling. I found my own stainless bolts for the fender, as I only got painted black steel. Had to trim the hood where the inner well bolts are, but that’s because I capped them with stainless acorn nuts. That’s all for now, I have more, but I see you’re falling asleep...

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