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Please click the link below to view instructions (.pdf) referenced in the title of this thread.

Overland Front Tube Fender

Frame to Grill Reinforcement Bracket

Overland Fender Installation Video

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Steven McCullough
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Finished my Overland front and rear install last weekend and for the most part the instructions were sufficient and easy to follow and the install went well.  I would only like to add a warning that on the 2012 JK's there is a pretty important wire harness on the passenger side wheel well right where you drill for the upper long bolt.  Lucky for me, I work with a bunch of avionics technicians and repairing the wire harness was a snap, but it lit up every light on my dash like it was Christmas and threw a pretty scarey engine code.  So this is just a friendly warning to would be installers, "look before you drill."  Also, you need to remove the factory rocker guards on the Rubicons before you can install the front flares.  This was not in the instructions, but became obvious as I went.  I will say that on the rears, the rivet nuts were pretty tough and I'm glad the kit came with a spare because I needed it.  The last hole, I drilled a little too big and it took me too nuts to get it right...the instructions called for a 17/32 hole/bit yet that was impossible for me to find at my local hardware and autoparts store and my 9/16 step bit was just a tad too big I think.  I love the look and strength of the flares and think I will eventually weld some tie down tabs on the rears, but until then, they are great.  I'm and debating as to whether or not I think I should have just paid the extra $ for the powder self applied finish is already chipping in spots and I have some rust appearing in just over a week.  Now I must add that we had some pretty good snow move through and there was a ton of salt on the roads, but winter just started and I don't want my flares rusting off...powder coating might be the way to go and worth the extra $...I'll let you future purchasers decide.  For now, i think I will be adding a top coat of's worked awesome on my rims.

Thanks MC for an all around awesome product.  Hope your lift kit install goes as smoothly for me in a few weeks.

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Did you just have to remove the Rubicon rock guard to  install the fender and then reinstall after fender was on?
Mark Jamison
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Great tips, thank you as I just ordered mine for my brand new Rubi Unlimited Hard Rock, actually haven't even picked it up from dealer yet, I just received the call my special order is now in and waiting my arrival to take home.
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