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Please click the link below to view instructions (.pdf) referenced in the title of this thread.

Please assist us in our commitment to continuously improve our installation instructions. If you think information is missing, have advice to share with others, or have clearer pictures/illustrations please post them to this thread. All feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Guy Cooper
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Ordered the Sportgate end of Jan 2019 and finally installed it at the end of March.  The instructions are in color and are very good.  I have two things I'd like to identify though.
  • On the Product Components list (page 3), item #5 is four 16 x 0.75 Allen head bolts.  These bolts are not shown anywhere else in the instructions.  I overlooked installing them and just recently saw the empty bolt holes.  After looking it over, I cannot tell what they are used for.
  • Concerning the cutting of the third brake light wiring (page 4, step 1, subsection D), I did not cut the wire at this time.  I was installing a third brake light ring and wanted to see how much wiring I would need to reach the ring's connector.  A suggestion is to annotate in the instructions the need to not cut the wire too short or to cut it later when/if installing a third brake light.  
Other than those two issues, I really love the Sportgate.  It is very stout and my spare tire (37") does not move or rattle at all.

Guy Cooper
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Here are the bolts and their location I was referring too in my first post:

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