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Please click the link below to view instructions (.pdf) referenced in the title of this thread.

Note: The Rocker Rail Installation Instructions can be used for the Stocker Rocker Rail Installation.

Please assist us in our commitment to continuously improve our installation instructions. If you think information is missing, have advice to share with others, or have clearer pictures/illustrations please post them to this thread. All feedback is greatly appreciated!

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If you notice a post that has been deleted, we likely implemented the idea into our published instructions.

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Great product that just looks awesome.  The installation instructions were very good.  Let's face it though, the rivet bolts suck!!  There has got to be a better way.  Sadly I don't really have any suggestions here but these rivet bolts just aren't a good way.  I have gaps between the rocker rail and the tub because I just can't get it to suck tight cause the rivet spins.  At a minimum, it would be very helpful to include the proper size drill bit as part of the kit as it is a unique size and not super easy to find.  You have to go to a specialty nut and bolt center to even find it.  Another helpful item might be a paper template (maybe it's even a sticker) that you could apply to the tub to get the bolt holes in the proper location.  This would save a bunch of time in jacking up the rail, marking the holes, removing the rail... etc.  That's a bit of a pain.  A paper template would be easy to attach, mark the holes and drill away.  Easy.
John Litz
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When clicking on the video for the rock rail it links to a ad to get vemeo not the actual installation video
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