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Please click the link below to view instructions (.pdf) referenced in the title of this thread.

Please assist us in our commitment to continuously improve our installation instructions. If you think information is missing, have advice to share with others, or have clearer pictures/illustrations please post them to this thread. All feedback is greatly appreciated!
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In the directions you say to disconnect the Positive cable first and reinstall the negative first. That's backwards, always disconnect the negative first and reconnect the negative last. This avoids arcing at the battery posts which could ignite any batteryu vapors and worst case, damage the ECU
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I have a 1995 YJ Sahara with the 4.0L.  ABS is stock equipment, but not addressed anywhere in the fender instructions.

The ABS has three mounting holes arranged in essentially an equilateral triangle.  A triangular shaped bracket (with bolts) was originally located under the stock fender.  The bracket & bolts extended through the fender, through the mounting holes on the ABS, and three nuts on top pinched the ABS to the fender.

My issues during install:
1. There are no holes for the ABS in the MetalCloak inner fender.
2. Two of the mounts are level, while the third is approximately 2 inches lower.
3. With hard brake lines, the ABS does not move more than an inch in any direction.

Matson suggested drilling holes in the inner fender, but since I have plans to remove the ABS in the next few months, I did not want to drill an additional three 3/8" holes for only a few months use.

My solution:
With a little luck, I had these conditions:
1. The ABS unit sits nearly level on the MetalCloak inner fender.  
2. The two level mounts on the ABS were on top of the fender, while the mount that is 2" lower hung over the edge of the inner fender.
3. There were additional unused pre-drilled holes in this area of the driver side fender.

I used the original triangular shaped bracket, but instead of mounting it underneath the fender, I installed it under the ABS on top of the fender. (note: at this point, nothing yet is holding the ABS to the fender)

I fashioned two brackets from aluminum which I routed between the triangular bracket and the ABS.  These new brackets were cut in length and width to extend past the ABS and reach pre-drilled holes in the fender.  I used the pre-drilled holes to bolt the triangular bracket to the top of the inner fender.   I tightened the ABS unit to the triangular bracket.

I neglected the third mounting hole on the ABS.  Unmounted from the inner fender, the ABS could only move 1" in any direction, it did not move at all after I tightened the brackets.

The solution is a little crude, but worked for my needs. 

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Rick Munck
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Installation wasn't bad at all, just takes some time...  At the end my hood was rubbing and I was about to start to take things apart but decided to wait and make a call...  Needless to say if your hood is rubbing please read:

It will save you some time!!!!
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ok.. workin progress, but its going well up till now.  

installed the back fenders with 8" flair on them.  The 35's i have on my YJ are demanding that coverage.  
the instructions say to measure from the back seam 5/8" to align the side panel.  This could be done, but it allowed for teh old fender bolt holes to show.  I adjusted it to 30mm instead and it covered the old holes and allowed for excellent wheel well adjustment. the 35's clear perfectly now.

up front; Ive installed the arched base fender without issue.  it was actually pretty easy to do!
However..  attempting to flex the 8" flair to fit is currently impossible.  I will call and see what tech help is available tomorrow, but Im not worried. I know there will be a work around.  

These fenders are fantastic.  I mean absolutely fantastic!  a permanent fix to a long standing issue with YJ's.  

Looking forward to completing this project and post some pictures of the installed product.

till then..  Im thrilled and being forced to stop working by my wife (they just dont understand do they?)  

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