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Our installation instructions, like our products, are result of hours of detailed work to ensure you have the best possible experience with MetalCloak. We are always striving to improve our instructions.

Please assist us in our commitment to continuously improve our installation instructions. If you think information is missing, have advice to share with others, or have clearer pictures/illustrations please post them to this thread. All feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Phillip Wolf
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Gentlemen ...

I have your rear fender plate and flare on my 2006 TJ Rubicon. *VERY* satisfied with the strength and ease of installation.

I recently crunched my front driver fender.  Reluctantly, I replaced it with a Crown reproduction factory fender.

This may strike many as a STUPID suggestion, but here is why I did not switch to Metalcloak front fenders and flares:

IF you added a plate to the lower front edge of your fender to hold the factory turn signal; and ...

IF you added a plate to the lower front edge of your flare to hold the factory side marker light ...

I would already be installing your product.

I have never seen a satisfactory replacement for stock marker lights and signals.  These plates would be far enough forward to never interfere with tire travel, and while they may catch on trail obstructions, they would in no manner compromise the strength of your well-engineered designs.

I have even contemplated getting my local metal guy to fab these onto your product, but I would hate to mar the finish of your great powder-coating option.


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