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Please click the link below to view instructions (.pdf) referenced in the title of this thread.

Please assist us in our commitment to continuously improve our installation instructions. If you think information is missing, have advice to share with others, or have clearer pictures/illustrations please post them to this thread. All feedback is greatly appreciated!
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I would suggest anyone installing the fenders onto an older TJ to take a good look at their hard brake lines, as it is an ideal time to replace them while the fenders are off and before the new Metalcloak fenders have been installed.  

I happened to blow out a rusted brake line 2 weeks after installing the fenders. I wish I had thought of replacing the brake lines while it was apart, it would have been much simpler.

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Great product that is really well built and robust.  Great attention to details as the product fit really great.  Just the aggressive look I was wanting.  The only nit picky critique that I can give is the instructions could be more thorough.  They were very good but a bolt description page showing the actual size bolts, nuts, and washers along with labels and a typical "exploded" view with lines showing where the bolts go would be very helpful!! Also, it appears that there are several bolts included in the set (I'm assuming for installation on different jeep and/or truck models).  Again, a page of bolt/nut sizes and labels would be invaluable in determining which items are applicable to which installation.  I kept wondering if I was missing something or not doing it right because it was not clear which bolt I should use in each location.  It is pretty awesome that for the most part the original bolts are used.  Pretty efficient so I say good job MC!

Michael G
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This past weekend I tackled this job just like many others did some research before purchasing and figured Id go with the best.  The product can well packaged and everything was clean.  One of the biggest issues I had was I did not find any directions in my papers that was shipped to me.  I figured ok then I would go online to website to do that.  The included bolts I had no idea which ones really went where as you get a bag of hardware and you will not use all of it.  Another issue I encountered was my on my 2004 my washer container did not match up with the fender in the proposed location on the inner fender well.  I did a little bit to make it fit as my tab on bottom of bottle did not match up with the hole.  The other issue I had was my cruise control/evap purge did not match up with the holes on the fender it was told to use.  I had to twist my factory bracket to make it work by my brake booster and bolt in place.  Other than those few issues rest of the install was nice and smooth.  Id suggest during the purchase of the fenders also buy new hood latches as mine just kept spinning an now I am waiting for new ones to come in.  The product it self looks amazing with the final outcome and still am happy with the purchase.
Joseph B
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Tackled this job on my 04 rubicon fenders look amazing but the a/c hard lines can’t fasten to the inner fenders, the airbox doesn’t match up properly the fuse panel was too high and I had to modify the bracket my cruise control doesn’t mount up nor does my washer bottle will have to make custom brackets
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Hopefully this helps someone

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