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Please click the link below to view instructions (.pdf) referenced in the title of this thread.

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The Rotopax mount installation is very straight forward and the provided instructions have all the details that you would possibly need. 

There is one aspect of this mount that created some questions of my own and may serve as a consideration for potential buyers. In reference to the dimensions of the mount, it limits the size/quantity of Rotopax containers that you can use. 

In Picture 1, I have a 2 Gallon Gen 2 Rotopax mounted. This works fine and fits perfectly. However, in Picture 2 you can see how close the Rotopax container is to the base of the mount. This is the most limiting aspect of the mount. Because the 2 gallon Gen 2 Rotopax container’s length is 13.5 inches (Picture 3), it serves as a bench mark to qualify any other container for fitment. Any container that exceeds 13.5 inches in length would not fit on the mount. 

Looking at other Rotopax, Fuelpax, Snopax, and Emergency/Storage container dimensions on their website, I found that the only container sizes that will fit are the 2 Gallon Gen 2, 2 Gallon, 1.75 Gallon, and the 1 Gallon containers.

What about stacking a 2 Gallon with a 1 or 1.75 Gallon? The width of the containers becomes the next problem. Almost all of their containers are at least 3 inches in width. In Picture 4 you can see how much allowable space is left after mounting a 2 Gallon Gen 2 container (approximately 2 inches). This would not allow you to stack two containers together because the handle would hit the passenger side tail light when the gate is fully open. 

I believe that the engineers at Metal Cloak probably considered this and that’s why they designed it this way. Following some logic, if I were to place a full 2 Gallon Rotopax container on the mount it would add approximately 14.175 lbs to the mount*. Which might be the safest amount of weight that the mount can hold considering road/trail vibrations, etc. 

It’s definitely possible that you could drill an additional hole to move your Rotopax mount more outboard and be able to squeeze in a larger sized container but I would question the structural integrity of the mount after doing so (Picture 5).

*The Gen 2 Rotopax container is listed on their website as a 2 Gallon container but is actually a 2.25 gallon container (Picture 6). The average weight of 1 gallon of gasoline is 6.3 lbs according to the all-knowing internet.  

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